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Avoiding unwelcome guests - household pests
16 January 15 02:08 PM | Merv Edinger | 1 Comments   
Avoiding unwelcome guests There are unwelcome guests that most homeowners dread. They come into your house, eat, sleep, make a mess, and never leave willingly. No I am not talking about your in-laws or your second cousin twice removed, I am talking about Read More...
Stop & smell the flowers, not the lilies beetles - how to control to the destructive invader
20 May 14 05:50 AM | Merv Edinger | 1 Comments   
Stop & smell the flowers not the Japanese Lily Beetle - how to control the invader If you are anything like me, Spring is one of your favorite times of the year. Not only is it the time when our real estate business is usually at its most productive Read More...

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