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Selling your home doesn't have to be overwhelming
16 January 15 03:17 PM | Merv Edinger | 1 Comments   
Selling your home doesn't have to be overwhelming When some people think about selling their home, they imagine all the things they will have to do: paint the kitchen, clean closets, prepare for viewings, find another home, arrange financing, start Read More...
Avoiding unwelcome guests - household pests
16 January 15 02:08 PM | Merv Edinger | 1 Comments   
Avoiding unwelcome guests There are unwelcome guests that most homeowners dread. They come into your house, eat, sleep, make a mess, and never leave willingly. No I am not talking about your in-laws or your second cousin twice removed, I am talking about Read More...
How Hanna-Barbera's 1960's animated tv sitcom The Jetson's changed our lives
11 December 14 09:02 AM | Merv Edinger | 2 Comments   
In the 1960's, a family would gather around their television set ( more of them were black & white in those days ), whilst one kid was designated to carefully adjust the antennas, or perhaps the rabbit ears ), until the picture came in clearly. Read More...
Coastal Living - Nova Scotia's Ocean Playground - About our beautiful coast
20 May 14 06:04 AM | Merv Edinger | 0 Comments   
Many of us share the dream of enjoying a charming life awaking to the ocean vistas, the sound of crashing waves, swimming in the refreshing waters... Nova Scotia's 13,000 kilometers ( km ) of coastline & ocean playground is a significant draw Read More...
Cinderella - A Comparison Of A Fairy Tale With the Facts of Our Halifax Real Estate Market - ReMax Nova
07 January 14 10:57 AM | Merv Edinger | 1 Comments   
We all grew up knowing Disney's version of the beloved Cinderella , a European folk tale . The love story of a pretty girl, down on her luck who meets a prince, falls in love, & lives happily ever after, right? Have you ever thought of the other Read More...
Do your windows meet fire codes? Egress windows & Canadian Building Codes
05 January 14 09:28 AM | Merv Edinger | 1 Comments   
Do your windows meet fire codes? Egress windows & the Canadian Building Codes We don't often think of the windows in our homes as potentially life saving equipment. In case of a fire or other disaster, the opening portion of a window must allow Read More...
Proper egress windows? What does this mean?
03 January 13 09:11 AM | Merv Edinger | 2 Comments   
Recently, a home inspector reported we have a bedroom window that is not a proper egress window. What does this mean, and is it important? A. This is a great question to ask. The issue with an incorrectly sized egress window is one that I and my fellow Read More...

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