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Cinderella - A Comparison Of A Fairy Tale With the Facts of Our Halifax Real Estate Market - ReMax Nova
07 January 14 10:57 AM | Merv Edinger | 1 Comments   
We all grew up knowing Disney's version of the beloved Cinderella , a European folk tale . The love story of a pretty girl, down on her luck who meets a prince, falls in love, & lives happily ever after, right? Have you ever thought of the other Read More...
How to make your tired kitchen more appealing to buyers without breaking the bank - Re/Max Nova
05 January 14 09:07 AM | Merv Edinger | 0 Comments   
How to make your kitchen attractive to buyers without breaking the bank Making Your Kitchen More Attractive to Buyers What's one of the most important rooms in your home? When it comes to selling your property quickly, and for the best price, the Read More...
Dealing with Aluminum Wiring
03 January 13 08:30 AM | Merv Edinger | 0 Comments   
Dealing with Aluminum wiring & the misleading information surrounding it is an issue that real estate agents in the Halifax Municipality deal with on an ongoing basis. Luckily, local building inspector, Bryan Freeman wrote a terrific article ( REM, Read More...
Free down payment mortgage options vs renting & hopefully saving a down payment
28 January 12 02:43 PM | Merv Edinger | 0 Comments   
Purchasing a home using a FREE DOWNPAYMENT mortgage VS renting: what is a better investment?
21 January 12 04:16 PM | Merv Edinger | 1 Comments   
FREE DOWN PAYMENT mortgages are available to you! Did you know that the FREE DOWN PAYMENT program from certain lenders is not only available to buyers, not just first time buyers, of single family homes but also those who are in the market for owner-occupied Read More...
Buyer Beware! Grow-ops do not make a good investment. How to identify them - Remax Nova Halifax Real Estate
18 January 12 11:43 AM | Merv Edinger | 6 Comments   
Contrary to popular belief, Grow-ops or drug houses do not make good long-term investments. It is of great importance to take extra steps in identifying a grow-op (or drug house) before entering into any contractual obligations with clients or the public. Read More...
Our communities: Sackville & Beaverbank - Halifax Real Estate Remax Nova
15 January 12 06:44 PM | Merv Edinger | 16 Comments   
Sackville is located mere minutes beyond Bedford following either the Bedford highway to route #1, or by taking the Trans Canada Highway Route # 102 out of Halifax and exiting on Route #101 then to Route #1 (Sackville Drive). The travel time to the downtown Read More...

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