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Creating quiet in a (sometimes) noisy home
19 January 15 04:43 PM | Merv Edinger | 1 Comments   
Does your spouse like to practice the drums in the evening? Does your teenager like to play video games, with the volume turned up high? Are there other sources of noise you'd like to minimize? There are many ways to soundproof areas of your home Read More...
Avoiding unwelcome guests - household pests
16 January 15 02:08 PM | Merv Edinger | 1 Comments   
Avoiding unwelcome guests There are unwelcome guests that most homeowners dread. They come into your house, eat, sleep, make a mess, and never leave willingly. No I am not talking about your in-laws or your second cousin twice removed, I am talking about Read More...
Best 14 Apps For Interior Design To Help You Redecorate Your Home
03 January 15 03:26 PM | Merv Edinger | 1 Comments   
Top 14 Apps For Home Design & Decorating There are apps out there to do almost everything! So of course, it shouldn't be any surprise that there are many to help you decorate your new home or rejuvenate your existing too. Here are some of the Read More...
Online Dating Is Much Like Real Estate: It is all about the laws of attraction to find the perfect match
02 January 15 07:33 PM | Merv Edinger | 1 Comments   
Online Dating Is Like Real Estate: all about attracting the right 1! By Merv Edinger & Associates Managing Real Estate Broker with Remax Nova Email Short URL January 02, 2015 03:44 PM Online or Internet dating is an experience that allows individuals Read More...
How Hanna-Barbera's 1960's animated tv sitcom The Jetson's changed our lives
11 December 14 09:02 AM | Merv Edinger | 2 Comments   
In the 1960's, a family would gather around their television set ( more of them were black & white in those days ), whilst one kid was designated to carefully adjust the antennas, or perhaps the rabbit ears ), until the picture came in clearly. Read More...
Top 27 FREE events & things to do in Halifax - whether you are cheap or just frugal, there is much to enjoy in our Coastal city
08 December 14 02:46 PM | Merv Edinger | 0 Comments   
Monday, 8 December 2014 Whether you are on a budget, frugal or just cheap, there are many FREE things to enjoy in Halifax Whether you are a student on a tight budget, you are trying to save up money to purchase a new home, or you just enjoy living by Read More...
Canada’s luxury home market on clear, upward trajectory in 2013
28 January 14 12:44 PM | Merv Edinger | 0 Comments   
The Upper-end luxury real estate market in Canada in 2013 Canada’s luxury home market on clear, upward trajectory, marked by record sales in most major centres in 2013, says RE/MAX Accelerated demand pushing five-year growth rates into double and Read More...
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The Upper-End Luxury Housing Market In Halifax-Dartmouth in 2013 & what 2014 could bring
28 January 14 12:16 PM | Merv Edinger | 1 Comments   
Despite a considerable softening in overall residential activity in 2013, Halifax-Dartmouth’s luxury housing market held up relatively well. Strength was evident, as the upper end marked its third best year on record, although the segment posted Read More...
Cinderella - A Comparison Of A Fairy Tale With the Facts of Our Halifax Real Estate Market - ReMax Nova
07 January 14 10:57 AM | Merv Edinger | 1 Comments   
We all grew up knowing Disney's version of the beloved Cinderella , a European folk tale . The love story of a pretty girl, down on her luck who meets a prince, falls in love, & lives happily ever after, right? Have you ever thought of the other Read More...
How was the real estate market in the Halifax Region in 2013 - the facts & stats
05 January 14 09:37 AM | Merv Edinger | 0 Comments   
How is the real estate market in Halifax? The facts & stats for 2013! Halifax Regional Municipality Housing Market check What’s made this year more notable has been the very slow start for the first 5 months of the year, which felt especially Read More...
How to make your tired kitchen more appealing to buyers without breaking the bank - Re/Max Nova
05 January 14 09:07 AM | Merv Edinger | 0 Comments   
How to make your kitchen attractive to buyers without breaking the bank Making Your Kitchen More Attractive to Buyers What's one of the most important rooms in your home? When it comes to selling your property quickly, and for the best price, the Read More...
The average house price in Canada, by city & by province - Re/Max Nova Halifax Real Estate
05 January 14 09:01 AM | Merv Edinger | 0 Comments   
The average Canadian house price by city & province for Fall 2013 - Interactive map - ReMax Nova You probably read in one of our National newspapers that Canadian housing market continues to hit new highs, with the average price increasing by almost Read More...
Housing Affordability Across Generations - Then & Now - Across Canada - ReMax Nova Halifax real estate
30 April 13 08:32 AM | Merv Edinger | 2 Comments   
Housing Affordability Across Generations - Then & Now - Across Canada A chart of " then " & " now " affordability of housing prices across the country. *Provided by NSAR April/13. Now for a comparison of Mortgage Interest Rates Read More...
Thank you for making Re/Max Nova's 2013 Children's Miracle Network Charity Auction a SUCCESS!
30 April 13 08:22 AM | Merv Edinger | 0 Comments   
RE/Max nova & the Children's Miralce Network, we thank you! On behalf of RE / MAX nova & the Children's Miralce Network , we thank the following auction donors for their support. We couldn't do this without YOU! THANK YOU! Brightwood Read More...
Dealing with Aluminum Wiring
03 January 13 08:30 AM | Merv Edinger | 0 Comments   
Dealing with Aluminum wiring & the misleading information surrounding it is an issue that real estate agents in the Halifax Municipality deal with on an ongoing basis. Luckily, local building inspector, Bryan Freeman wrote a terrific article ( REM, Read More...
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