Pack those memories away - staging your home for sale will pay off putting more $ in your pocket

Published 19 January 15 05:23 PM | Merv Edinger 


Items that remind us of special people, events, milestones and interests are


an important part of what makes a home a home. Pictures on the fireplace


mantle, for example, showcase family and friends that are important to us.


You might also have trophies, certificates, greeting cards, and other


mementoes on display in key places.

stuffed animal trophy heads.   


Of course, all of those things add warmth and meaning to your home.


However, if you're preparing your home for sale, it's a good idea to pack


those memories away - at least until you've sold your property and moved to


your new home.


Why? Because those pleasant mementoes that mean so much to you may


actually turn off potential buyers.


You see, when buyers view your property, you want them to be able to


clearly picture themselves and their families living there. That's difficult to do


if everywhere they look they see reminders that this is your home!


So, to help sell your home quickly, make it look great, but not personalized.


Think of the showroom displays you see set up in furniture stores. Those


displays are most appealing when they enable you to easily picture yourself,


with that furniture, in your home. You probably wouldn't feel that way if it


looked like the furniture belonged to someone else.


Of course, buyers will know you currently live in your home. But helping


them imagine themselves living there will help you sell your property faster –


and possibly for a better price.


Need more tips on preparing your home for sale? Contact Merv Edinger & Associates, RE/MAX nova Halifax

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