Sending out a big thank you! ReMax Nova - Gving back to our community

Published 05 January 14 09:15 AM | Merv Edinger 

Sending out a BIG THANK YOU - ReMax Nova Halifax Dartmouth Bedford homes for sale

Sending out a BIG THANK YOU to all of our fellow agents who opened their hearts & wallets to help out Ms Pam McGrath this weekend. We managed to raise $400+ dollars to help her out in her time of need. 
Ms McGrath's story was published in Friday's Chronicle Herald & like so many others, it touched our hearts.  Many readers stepped up to help her out.  We need to remember however, that she is not alone.  When dropping off our donation this morning, there were others waiting to ask for help to get through their own turmoil.
So many of us have gone through hard times at different points in our lives. Some times it is a simple & small gesture that can turn things around. Just ask Frank O'Dea, co-founder of the Second Cup
who lived on the streets while in his 20's. A person gave him a dime to make a call that led him on his new path. People are people.  Some make poor decisions which lead them on a rough path, but they should not be forgotten &/or dismissed.  Others are forced into their situations due to circumstances beyond their control. 
If these stories touch you, then take initiative to volunteer & support organizations such as Halifax Housing Help & Family SOS

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