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Published 15 January 12 07:00 PM | Merv Edinger 

The Fall River / Waverley area is among the most picturesque in metro. It has an abundance of lakes, rivers, canals and trees.

It is located north of the Bedford Basin, northwest of Bedford, east of Lower Sackville and north and west of Waverley.

Fall River's name is derived from a stream running between Miller Lake and Lake Thomas which had a waterfall. These falls supplied water power for several mills during the 19th century as well as a local electrical utility during the early 20th century. The waterfall was demolished in the late 1950s as a result of the construction of the Bicentennial Highway leading to Halifax; the waterfall was located where the 4-lane expressway currently runs up the hill from the crossing of Lake Thomas to the interchange with Highway 118 at Miller Lake. Hydro-electric power is now generated by an underground tunnel that carries the water from Miller Lake which once flowed through this stream and down the waterfall. Turbines produce electricity for the main grid, during peak periods.

There are many lakes in Fall River and its surrounding communities of Wellington, Waverley, Windsor Junction and Lakeview. There is an eighteen-hole golf course, Ashburn Golf Club, and two parks, Laurie Provincial Park and Oakfield Provincial Park.

Lake Thomas and Fletcher's Lake in Fall River form a section of the Shubenacadie Canal, which connects the Bay of Fundy with the Halifax Harbour.

Soldier Lake, a large reservoir lying almost completely within the boundaries of the game sanctuary.

Johnson River, a small river emptying into the east side of Soldier Lake and originating in the rugged interior of the game sanctuary.

Tillmann Brook, a swift flowing waterway, begins at a Nova Scotia Power Hydro dam on Soldier Lake inside the Waverley Game Sanctuary, eventually emptying into Miller Lake.

Third Lake, the third in a series of lakes starting in Lower Sackville. Third Lake forms part of the western boundary of Fall River

Kinsac Lake, a large lake, part of which forms another section of the western boundary of Fall River

Miller Lake, a reservoir from which empties into Lake Thomas. Home to the Miller Lake Dragon of Camp Lone Cloud, a familiar summer sight out in the lake, near the #102 Highway.

German Creek, a small waterway which flows from the Gunn Ponds, under Perrin Drive into Miller Lake.

Fall River & Waverley also offers an array of essential need services such as grocery, hair care, gas, dining/fast food, etc…

The subdivisions in the area are well planned, offer spacious lots – many with Lake Frontage, and some also offer city water. The soil is often better and there are many more deciduous trees than other areas of metro. This gives the area a unique feel, with sweeping lawns canopied by many varieties of leafy trees.

There are two excellent private golf courses in the area and a wonderful selection of parks and fresh water beaches.

Most subdivisions are located within 5 minutes of the Trans-Canada Highway (Rte # 102) and are a 25 – 30 minute drive to downtown Halifax.

Lake Charles Fall River, NS - Halifax real estate Remax Nova

There is a wide variety of single family homes to choose from and they are situated in many subdivisions, each with is own unique personality. All homes have septic systems and most have a well.


Many consider the schools of the area to be some of the best.  To discover more about the area schools, please visit http://www.halifax.ca/.


The Fall River Shopping Centre: It features a Sobey’s grocery store, a Liquor store and several small special needs stores. There is a gas station, Macdonald’s, Tim Horton’s, convenience stores etc., in the area.

Fall River shopping mall - Remax Nova Halifax Real estate

Housing styles:

There are many subdivisions in the area and all feature similar choices in house styles. Some of the subdivisions are 20-30 years old but almost all have been or still are expanding, giving buyers the option of buying an existing home or building a new home.

Fall River Village: Started in the 1970’s, this subdivision has been and still is among the most popular in the area. The main reason for this is that it features city supplied water. The houses range from 30 – 40 year old split entries to large 4000 and 5000 square foot homes only a few years old. Many of which are located on lakes. Opportunities to build are still available in the area.

Saint Andrews Village: Begun about 10  Years ago, there are still many lots available to build your own home. All the houses are situated on large 1-2 acre lots and feature well and septic.

Schwartzwald: A beautiful subdivision offering majestic homes on sweeping lots. Some homes are 25-35 years old but there has been a new expansion giving buyers the choice of building there own home as well.


The commuting time from any of the three listed subdivisions to Downtown Halifax is between 25-30 minutes.

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