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Published 14 January 12 05:06 PM | Merv Edinger 

Clayton Park and its surrounding areas have seen some of the highest growth rates in the metro area over the last few years.

The first subdivisions were constructed around 1970 and the area is now experiencing the development of its last remaining land.

Clayton Park is situated very conveniently next to the trans Canada highway and is central to most locations in the metro area. The trip to the downtown core is roughly 10 to 20 minutes. There is an abundance of shopping, dining, and entertainment choices in the area, with most major retailers located within a 5 minute drive.

There is a wide variety of housing in the area including older homes with very nice lots, newer homes (most with smaller lots), large upscale homes, semi-detached homes, town homes, and a large selection of condominiums & large appartment buildings with intermittently dispersed with clustered groups of shopping & amenities.


There are many shopping choices within minutes of Clayton Park

Bayer’s Lake Retail Park:
This park is one of Metro’s primary shopping, entertainment, and dining destinations. Large open air shopping malls and large stand alone chain stores abound. 17 stadium style theatres are located here along with an IMAX, a dozen family style restaurants, Chapters, Outlet stores, etc.

Clayton Park shopping district:
Primarily a personal shopping area, such commodities as banking, groceries, videos, pharmacies, bakeries, etc, can be found here.

The Halifax Shopping Center:
The second largest shopping centre in metro, along with its annex across the street, will satisfy most of your shopping needs.

Housing types

There are many condo buildings & appartment buildings in the Clayton park area

A mixture of older style housing in Rockingham & Clayton Park usually consists of brick & vinyl bungalows, contemporaries, split entries & 2-story homes on small lots

 Clayton Park Halifax home styles available  -Remax Nova Halifax Real Estate

There is a wide variety of housing options in the area including the following:

Clayton Park proper: One of the original subdivisions in the area. The homes are roughly 30-35 years old. Most homes in the area are either split entries, bungalows, or side splits, however there are however some areas of two story homes (some of which can be very large and elegant). The lots tend to be larger than other areas within the city limits. All levels of schools are located within walking distance.

Rockingham/Bridgeview/Wedgewood: The homes in these subdivisions are roughly 30-35 years old and have a wide variety of styles. Many smaller homes have been purchased over the last few years and been renovated. The lots are usually large and some can be ½ an acre or more.

Crestview: A relatively new neighborhood of large, elegant and expensive homes. Located next to Hemlock Ravine Park, a natural wooded park with trails, this area is very sought after.

Clayton Park West: This is a new area and consists of the widest range of styles in the area. Town homes, Semi-detached, bungalows, executive split entries, executive side splits, large two storey homes, and condominiums abound. Most homes are under 7-8 years old and many are new. The front exteriors are all brick, making it an attractive and well planned neighborhood. Schools are located in and/or within walking distance.

Glenbourne: A new area located adjacent to Clayton Park west and Wedgewood. Homes are all within 7-10 years old and are generally smaller than its neighbor Clayton Park West, but this makes them more affordable. The styles are generally smaller two storey or semi-detached homes.


For information on schools for Clayton Park & Rockingham, please visit the Halifax Regional School Board website at http://www.hrsb.ns.ca/ where you will find all relavent information on the schools & a home address look up to tool to verify the schools for a particular address.

Clayton Park, Halifax - Remax Nova Halifax Real Estate

Commuting time

Commuting time from Rockingham to downtown Halifax is approximately 10 minutes & 15 minutes from Clayton Park. 

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