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Dartmouth, The City of Lakes, was (2001 pop.: 65,741[1]) founded in 1750, is a community and planning area of the Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia. Located on the eastern shore of Halifax Harbour, Dartmouth has been nicknamed the City of Lakes after the large number of lakes located in the city.

On April 1, 1996, the provincial government amalgamated all the municipalities within the boundaries of Halifax County into a single-tier regional government named Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). While Dartmouth and its neighbouring city of Halifax, the town of Bedford and the Municipality of the County of Halifax were dissolved at this time, the former city forms part of the urban core of the larger regional municipality and is officially labelled the "capital district" by the HRM government. At the time that the City of Dartmouth was dissolved, the provincial government altered its status to a separate community to Halifax however its status as part of the metropolitan "Halifax" urban core existed prior to municipal reorganisation in 1996. Before the amalgamation, Dartmouth was the second largest city in Nova Scotia. Dartmouth is still the geographic name that is used by all levels of government for mapping, 9-1-1, planning, and is recognised by the Halifax Regional Municipality as a place-name for civic addressing. The official place name did not change due to the confusion with similar street names and planning set out by the "City of Dartmouth" and public pressure. Today the same development planning for Downtown Dartmouth and the rest of the community is still in force as well as specific bylaws created prior to April 1, 1996.


Father Le Loutre's War began when Edward Cornwallis arrived to establish Halifax with 13 transports on June 21, 1749.[2] By unilaterally establishing Halifax, the British were violating earlier treaties with the Mi'kmaq (1726), which were signed after Dummer's War.[3] The British quickly began to build other settlements. To guard against Mi'kmaq, Acadian and French attacks on the new Protestant settlements, British fortifications were erected in Halifax (1749), Dartmouth (1750), Bedford (Fort Sackville) (1751), Lunenburg (1753) and Lawrencetown (1754).

In 1750, the sailing ship Alderney arrived with 151 immigrants. Municipal officials at Halifax decided that these new arrivals should be settled on the eastern side of Halifax Harbour. During the early years, there were 8 Acadian and Mi'kmaq raids on the new British settlement, such as the Raid on Dartmouth (1751).

The original settlement was made in an area known to the Mi'kmaq as "Boonamoogwaddy" or "Tomcod Ground". The community was later given the English name of Dartmouth in honour of William Legge, 1st Earl of Dartmouth who was a former Secretary of State. By 1752, 53 families consisting of 193 people lived in the community.

In 1873, Dartmouth was incorporated as a town and a Town Hall was established in 1877. In 1955, the town was permanently linked to Halifax by the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge which led to rapid suburban growth. The Town of Dartmouth amalgamated with several neighbouring villages into the City of Dartmouth in 1961. The A. Murray MacKay Bridge opened in 1970, furthering commercial and residential growth.

The city was dissolved on April 1, 1996, when its government was amalgamated into the Halifax Regional Municipality.

The oldest structure in Dartmouth is the house of William Ray, one of the whalers. It is located at 59 Ochterloney Street and is believed to have been built around 1785 or 1786. Today it is a museum, furnished as a typical modest dwelling of a merchant of that time.


The city was not only a bedroom community for Halifax but also had commerce and industries of its own. The main commercial areas of Dartmouth are Burnside & the relatively new Dartmouth Crossing. With the CFB Shearwater on the Dartmouth side of the Harbour & Windsor Park, The Dockyard & Stadaconna just across the bridges on the Halifax side, the area attracts a great deal of military people who are looking for newer upscale yet affordable homes.


Dartmouth is linked to Halifax by the oldest continuously operating salt water ferry service in North America with the first crossing having taken place in 1752. Early ferries were powered by horses, which were replaced with steam engines in 1830. During the early 20th century, ferries shuttled pedestrians and vehicles between the downtown areas of Halifax and Dartmouth. A railway trestle was built across Halifax Harbour in the late 19th century to bring rail service to Dartmouth however it was destroyed by a storm, requiring the present railway connection built around Bedford Basin.

During the early 1950s, construction began on the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge, a suspension bridge crossing Halifax Harbour. It opened in 1955, ushering in an unprecedented development boom in Dartmouth. New subdivisions, shopping centres, office buildings and industrial parks have been built in recent decades. A second bridge, the A. Murray MacKay Bridge was opened in 1970 and the Highway 111 Circumferential Highway was built around Dartmouth to Woodside at this time.

Famous Dartmouthians

Housing types:

There is a wide variety of housing options in the area including the following

Downtown: This is an old area of Dartmouth and offers a range of housing alternatives. Most of the houses are over 60 years old with some being well over the century mark. Many of these homes have a tremendous amount of character such as high ceilings, elegant moldings, and unique windows and doors. Many of them have also been refurbished within the last 10-20 years. They frequently feature stone foundations with low ceilings and often have earthen floors. There is also a wide array of condominiums to choose from in this area.

Creighton Park: This is a very desirable area of Dartmouth and features some older homes, but most are between 30 – 50 years of age. Great schools, great shopping, a golf course, some lake front homes, and easy access to water activities are just some of the appealing features in the area. Situated in the heart of Dartmouth; it is within minutes to many desirable activities.

Montebello: Located next to Keystone Estates, Montebello was developed around 20-25 years ago. Every home style is offered here including single family, semi-detached, and condominiums. It is more affordable than its neighbor and offers the same amenities, if not quite so large or grand homes.

Keystone Estates: This is largely a new upscale area featuring 2000 to 3000 square foot homes. The home styles vary but are predominantly 2 storeys and most have brick fronts. It is a 5 minute drive to the major shopping areas in Dartmouth and it has schools in the immediate area including a full French P-12 school.
Close to parks and swimming.

Manor Park: An area of fine homes roughly 20-40 years old. It is within minutes to shopping and swimming. The home styles vary from bungalows, split entries, side splits, and 2 storeys. There are also semi-detached, town homes, and condominiums to choose from.

Portland Hills/Estates: This is a newer area of Dartmouth. Development of Portland Estates was begun about 20 years ago and it offers buyers an array of homes at many price ranges. It is considered among the more expensive subdivisions in the Dartmouth area. The extension to Portland Estates subdivision is called Portland Hills and it offers new homes of many sizes and distinction, including some on lakefront lots. The homes were developed by the same company that built Clayton Park, Clayton Park West, and the Ravines and like it compatriots, Portland Hills residents must comply with various covenants including the need for brick front homes. Even the town homes and semi detached homes must have brick. Condominiums must be constructed of brick or stucco as well. The home styles range from small and large bungalows, executive split entries and side splits, executive semi-detached and town homes, and beautiful 2 storeys (some on lake front lots). There is still opportunity to build a home as there are still lots available and development is ongoing. It is conveniently located next to shopping, dining and entertainment districts. It is also located close to major highways and offers very good public transportation.

Woodlawn: This is a very popular older area of Dartmouth and is very centrally located. It offers primarily smaller bungalows and split entry homes. The average age of the homes in the area is around 40 years and it is very affordable.

Dartmouth is known as the City of Lakes due to its 23 lakes that enjoyed all year long & provide the opportunity for paddling, kayaking, swimming, & skating. Lake Banook offers world class paddling & is the spot of Summer regattas. You can walk along the boardwalks on the Dartmouth waterfront that make up part of the many trail systems throughout Dartmouth & neighboring Cole Harbour & Eastern Passage. A much enjoyed park in Dartmouth is Shubenacadie Park which features walking & hiking trails, a supervised beach, camping, & playing fields. There are 5 other supervised beachs in Dartmouth at Albro Lake, Graham Cove, Maynard's Lake, Lake Banook, & Penhorn Lake. Dartmouth also offers extensive recreational activities with 2 large indoor aquatic facilities, Dartmouth Sportsplex & Cole Harbour Place, made famous by Sidney Crosby. The "Old" Dartmouth offers quaint bountiques, restaurants, pubs, & supperb cafes. For those looking for more shopping possibilities, Dartmouth is home to one of Canada's largest malls, MicMac Mall as well as the recently built & growing Dartmouth Crossing. For those more into gastronomy, Dartmouth has a lot to tempt you as well:

  • Seafood: John's Lunch on Pleasant St & Wharf Wraps on the boardwalk in Eastern Passage
  • Greek: Opa's & Welcome Ela! in Dartmouth Crossing
  • Thai: Modern Orchid in Dartmouth Crossing & Talay Thai on Cole Harbour Rd
  • Japanese: Sushi Nami in Dartmouth Crossing & Hamachi Grill & Sushi House on the corner of Eisener Blvd & Portland St
  • Pasta: The Vines on Panavista Drive & La Cuccina Pizzeria & Pasta House in Dartmouth Crossing.
  • Medeterranian: Medinna's at the MicMac Mall ( its in the food court but the food is great )
  • Pub fare: Jamieson's on Cumberland Drive & The MicMac Tavern on the Waverley Rd
  • Just to name a few

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