For REALTORS® Of or Buyers Sending e-transfers As A Deposit

If you are a REALTOR® representing a buyer or are a buyer yourself of a RE/MAX NOVA® listed property, you cansend an e-transfer for your deposit. The following are instructions on how to send an e-transfer.

Sending your deposit for the purchase of a RE/MAX NOVA® listing

Email Money transfer Instructions for Deposits


The following are instructions for sending deposit money via email money transfers into the Brokerage trust account:


1. From your online banking account, email the deposit amount to

2. Please include a message with the address of the property. For example “Deposit for 123 Tulip Street Dartmouth”



  • There is no password required as this process is set up to automatically deposit funds into the trust account


  • Auto-deposit may not be supported by all financial institutions (they are supported by the 5 major banks in Canada and several others)


  • An automated confirmation email will be sent to the sender via their bank


  • RE/MAX nova admin staff will also receive an automated confirmation upon deposit


  • Remember there are deadlines regarding when deposits have to be received defined in the Agreement of Purchase & Sale. Ensure the deposit is sent within this timeline.