Our Service To Make Your Move To Halifax An Easy One

House Hunting Trips ( HHT's as they are known in the industry ) to Halifax are a stressful time for any buyer. There is a lot of pressure to find our clients a home, negotiate an offer & have all conditions met within 7 days. Our goal is to make our clients with a great overall experience so that they are happy with our service & will recommend our service to freinds, family & colleagues in the future. This long term approach to our business relies on buyers, like you, enjoying a successful house hunting trip in Halifax.

Both Natalie & Merv are Brookfield approved suppliers & we serve DND, RCMP & coorporate relocations to Metro Halifax.

Why choose us as your Halifax Realtors®... 

We know Metro Halifax. We work hard in knowing our city, what  each neighbourhood has to offer its community, the resale value of each, & how to get you the inside information to make the 'right' decision on where to call home.

Knowledge & experience. We have helped so many relocate to & from Halifax since 1993, we know the system, & how to use it to our clients' benefit. We have sold properties from the most entry level condominium in the Halifax real estate market to some of the most unique luxury properties, & helped families on their house hunting trips find homes all over the city. We strive to stay current on the direction that the Halifax & Canadian housing market is taking, on merging trends, new developments, & what it all means to you. 

What to expect.

  • We will schedule a meeting via telephone to discuss your HHT.
  • Discuss your home & community search criteria: your must haves vs wish list & any special requirements you have.
  • Explain the differences in how the Real Estate Industry & concerns, & mortgage requirements, differ in Nova Scotia.
  • Answer any questions that you have about Halifax & its communities: Dartmouth, Bedford, Timberlea, Tantallon, Fall River, Hammonds Plains & surrounding areas.
  • Block off your HHT in our calendar to serve you beeter.
  • Put you in contact with any local contacts, lenders, contractors, lawyers, to help you get your move started.
  • Following our teleconference call, it will be your decision whether to sign a Buyers' Agency Agreement Contract ( now legally required in Nova Scotia ) with Merv Edinger & Associates. Buying a home requires a lot of contact between you & your Realtor®. It does not happen overnight, usually. You may end up spending lots of time with your agent. You will want to be sure that your Realtor is someone you trust & get along with.


Pre-trip service. Prior to your arrival, we will send you examples of homes that meet your desired budget, needs, to give you an idea of what you can expect in various neighbourhoods. Knowing when your HHT will take place also gives us the opportunity to network & find homes that may suit your needs that are not yet on the market.

Day 1. We will have a face-to-face meeting to begin the paperwork, review your what you are looking for, what is currently on the market, go over our itinerary, & property selections. Drive through neighbourhoods of interest to see which will best suit your needs & desires & which will narrow down the search areas to a few key locations.

Day 1- 4. Viewings! The fun part. We ask that you give us feedback, especially on the first day, of what exactly you like & don't like about each home. This helps us narrow down exactly what it is you are looking for.

Day 4 or 5. Revisit the top choiices & negotiate an offer.

Day 6. Getting those conditions met to firm up the sale! This normally includes inspections, water tests if applicable, the deposit, & for us, your Realtors® making sure all parties receive the necessary paperwork.  

Day 7. Heading back home. We will of course, continue to be in contact with you up until & even after you close on your new Halifax home. We believe in "clients for life", which means we will always be available to answer questions, give advice, provide you with resources ( such a list of recommended trades & contractors ).

For RCMP & Military Relocations

Exemption for Canadian military members and RCP from Nova Scotia's  mandatory quarantine during their house hunting trips