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When is the right time for you to buy a home? NOW! & here is why...

When is the right time for you to buy a home? The answer is NOW! See why...

There is much doom & gloom in the media about the real estate market.  Do not be intimidated. What the reporters & economists are forgetting to mention is that they are looking at Canada as a whole or the major real estate markets such as Toronto, Calgary & Vancouver.  The figures and stats from these markets do not apply to our own localized marketplace. 

There are many reasons why NOW is the time Why Now is the time to buy a home! to jump into the real estate market.  And here are just a few...



Who ARE TODAY'S Buyers & what they are looking for

As a seller of a home, it is important for you & your agent to know who you are marketing your home too & how to attract them to your home.

NSAR examined research on key demographics in Atlantic Canada. And, we discovered a lot of useful information about 3 groups of buyers: First-time buyers, Moving-up and Downsizers.





















First-time buyers are generally not handy, and have no time to be. They are more likely to buy "previously owned" homes, that do not require a lot of time or effort. Move-in ready homes may appeal more to this buyer. 




















Moving up buyers see their homes as central to their lives and value quality more than price. These buyers also plan to own their home for about 15 years. Higher priced homes, with quality features may appeal more to these buyers.





















To Downsizers, price is more important. Downsizers are retired,or preparing to retire and so they also generally have fixed incomes. This group appreciates homes that are affordable and allow them to focus on family. They are generally looking for structurally sound homes with amenities nearby & small scale yards that are easy to maintain.



The Real Estate Market in HRM in 2013